The International Metals
Reclaimation Company

Choosing INMETCO provides companies with a unique solution: taking their waste and turning it into a valuable commodity. We eliminate the risk of putting waste in landfills, bettering the environment and aligning with modern company values.

Inmetco is a unique company that recycles steel mill waste and produces Nickel and Moly products. Go Green, Choose Inmetco.

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About Inmetco

Established in Ellwood City, PA in 1978 to Process Stainless Steel Waste

The International Metals Reclamation Company, INMETCO, is located 35 miles northwest of Pittsburgh in Ellwood City, PA. Since 1978, INMETCO has recycled common industrial metal wastes such as EAF dust, mill scale, swarf, and flue dust from stainless steel manufacturers.

INMETCO uses a high-temperature metal recovery process, we’re able to recycle certain metal bearing wastes to reclaim nickel and other valuable metals.

The result: we reduce the volume of industrial waste placed in landfills and reclaim valuable natural metal resources.  In addition, we conserve the valuable stock of unmined metals.

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Our Mission

To work with customers to identify and maximize material reclaim and recycling value streams, operating our business with the following core values to maximize the long-term return to our shareholders.

Essential to achieving our goals is:
  • Continuous improvement in health, safety and environmental performance
  • Personal and organizational accountability
  • Reliable and consistent operational performance with a focus on identifying new opportunities
  • Commitment to customers businesses, providing reliable, deliverable products of high-quality nature at a competitive price


We create value for society

As a leading provider of environmental and recycling services, INMETCO processes industrial and hazardous wastes to recover valuable materials while mitigating the potential environmental liabilities of our customers. Our company serves a key role in promoting the principles of sustainable environment.

Careers at Inmetco

Start a career that makes a difference! Offering great benefits, competitive pay, encouraging work environment, and a rewarding career path.