Company Overview

The International Metals Reclamation Company, INMETCO, is located 35 miles northwest of Pittsburgh in Ellwood City, PA. Since 1978, INMETCO has recycled common industrial metal wastes such as EAF dust, mill scale, swarf, and flue dust from stainless steel manufacturers.

INMETCO uses a high-temperature metal recovery process, we’re able to recycle certain metal bearing wastes to reclaim nickel and other valuable metals.

The result: we reduce the volume of industrial waste placed in landfills and reclaim valuable natural metal resources.  In addition, we conserve the valuable stock of unmined metals.

  • Established in Ellwood City, PA in 1978 to process stainless steel waste
  • Expanded in 1996 to include NiCd Batteries
  • 90 Employees
  • Fully-permitted hazardous waste facility, including Title V air permit, and Part B Storage Permit (2016)

Annual Raw Material Handling

Tons of Stainless Steel Flue Dust
Ton of NI-, Cr-bearing Feeds
Tons of Batteries

Annual Output

Tons of Remelt Alloy Ingot
Tons of Nickel

Main Plant Process

INMETCO operates the only secondary submerged arc smelting furnace in North America dedicated to the High Temperature Metal Recovery of nickel, chromium and iron. The process starts by feeding solid wastes, via a screw conveyor, to a pelletizing disk using either water or liquid wastes. Pellets are transferred to a Rotary Hearth Furnace operating at 2300° for the reduction of oxidized metal species to their metallic form. Although the furnace atmosphere is reducing, several burners are adjusted to produce an oxidizing zone making residual organic destruction a reality prior to gas discharge to an environmental collector system. Reduced pellets are fed to a submerged electric arc furnace where they are smelted for extraction of the metal components. The molten metal is cast into approximately 24 lb. “pigs” which are used for the manufacture of stainless steel.

The INMETCO process generates flue dust from the submerged electric arc furnace and filter cake from the water treatment plant. These wastes are sent off-site for reclamation of zinc and lead. A co-product, non-hazardous slag, is sold as an aggregate. INMETCO is continuously expanding its capabilities in the areas of waste reclamation, recycling, and reuse.

INMETCO is always looking for new business ventures, offering the capacity for expansion both on-site and within the present process, a unique, high temperature technology, accessible to virtually the entire U.S. and Canada. INMETCO has an environmentally aware, technically competent management and staff.

Inmetco Process Flow

Recyclable Material

Recyclable Material

Recyclable Material

Recyclable Material

Recyclable Material

Recyclable Material


Blending Conveyor


Electric Arc Furnace

Pig Caster